Experience Quest

Kenya 3 Week Expedition

This is an example of a mid-length expedition that focuses on a physically challenging project, followed by experiencing wild Kenya.

Week 1

>Work on water relief project
Hard work with community group to construct a sand dam. Mixing cement, carrying sand and water, lots of laughter! A day can be spent in a local school playing games and learning about Kenyan education.

>Opportunity for community homestay
Spend the afternoon, night and morning in small groups with a local family, experiencing typical Kenyan hospitality and an insight into rural life.

Week 2

>Finish up project work

>Safari in Tsavo West National Park
Camp out under the stars to the sounds of the wildlife.

>Nairobi slum visit
Tour of Kibera slum by local community members and an afternoon kick about with ‘Black Cats’ sports programme for marginalised kids.

Week 3

>Suswa Conservancy in the Great Rift Valley
Challenging treks and exploration of this unique environment, encompassing caves, mountains, and plains, away from the usual tourist trail.

> Maasai Cultural Exchange
Spend nights with the Maasai for a unique insight into pastoral nomadic life and culture.

> Lakes & Parks
Lake Nakuru has wildlife aplenty, famed for its flamingoes. Spend a day watching game before a mountain bike adventure in Hell's Gate among the geothermal springs.

Stay on the shores of Lake Naivasha and spend a day at Elsamere, home of the Born Free Foundation, enjoy colonial high tea.

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