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Bolivia Animal Sanctuary Project

Quest4Change works in partnership with Communidad Inti Wara Yassi to protect, rehabilitate, and where possible re-release into the wild animals that have been rescued from ill treatment or inhumane captivity. We are striving towards UN Millennium Development Goal 7, ensuring environmental stability.

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What's the problem?

Animals in Bolivia are often kept illegally, exotic animals are traded on the black market with little care as to their well being, they have often been abused which can result in permanent disabilities meaning that they would die without our help.

At the 2010 South American conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in Brazil, the facts and figures highlighted the level of devastation: over 20 million species are smuggled out of South America a year, with only one out of every ten animals surviving both the moment of capture and its long journey.

How Quest4Change helps

We have been working with Inti Wara Yassi since 2003, providing much needed financial and volunteer support. Volunteers have spent thousands of man hours caring for, feeding and rehabilitating rescued animals from monkeys to pumas. When re-release into the wild is not a possibility our aim is to make their lives as comfortable as possible through the construction of bespoke cages.  We also support the employment of a park manager for newest park, Jacj Cuisi.


Quest4Change and CIWY have worked together to not only provide for the animals housed in the parks, but also to expand the sanctuary to three parks, purchasing 600 hectares of rainforest to create a new sanctuary, and sponsoring a further 1000 acres of rainforest through partners Rainforest Concern. Over £180,000 has been donated in direct support to the parks. Read more about our impact and past achievements.

  • £5 – could help support one of our rescued monkeys for a month
  • £50 – could save an acre of irreplaceable Amazonian rainforest
  • £120 – could sponsor a cat for a year

Latest news

In the UK... CIWY desk calendars are available to purchase online for £5, with beautiful pictures of the animals, raising valuable funds for the park.

In the field... Volunteers out in Bolivia have completed a new management cage for one of Parque Jacj Cuisi's best-loved residents, Simba. This is not accommodation , but instead will be used whilst Simba's large enclosure is being cleaned or for any veterinary attention.

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