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Like all good partnerships, corporate charity links should be mutually beneficial – not only giving our projects a real lift, but also giving your employees the opportunity to be involved in something truly worthwhile, whilst boosting your company's Corporate Social Responsibility fulfilment.

Our projects across Africa and South America have lasting impact, targeting the specific causes of poverty and environmental degradation in the communities with whom we’re working. Our projects are making a change for the better. Your business can be a part of this:

*   Charity of the Year & Employee Fundraising   *   Company & Staff Donations   *
*   Sponsorship   *   Corporate Expeditions   *


We can help you meet your goals

    Give something back to the world and in the process gain a little good press and good karma.  Show others that your CSR is more than just words on a page.

    Sponsoring one of our projects can enhance your company's brand awareness and image. We can work with you to help generate media awareness around your giving and help to distinguish you from other businesses.

    Fundraising at work can be fun, motivating and great for team-building. Hold a staff fundraising event, take part in a sponsored challenge, or even head off on a corporate expedition to one of our projects.

    Your company can offset charitable donations against taxable profits, meaning your generosity can also reduce your corporation tax bill.

How can we work together?

  • Charity of the year & employee fundraising

  • Making Quest4Change your Charity of the Year can be a great way to get your whole team on-board with fundraising and PR in a fun and focused way.  This means you will make a real impact throughout the year - translating into long-term achievements in the years to come.

    Whether your company would like to head up to the top of a mountain or organise a salsa night, Quest4Change will support you to achieve your own goals with your fundraising.  We have some places in challenges across the UK, or we could help you organise your own.

    Take on the Brighton Half Marathon Charity Challenge! Held in February each year, the Corporate Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the business that collectively raises the most funds for their chosen charity. At the same time, you'll showcase your business and promote teamwork & fitness.

  • Donations

  • If your business has a Charities Aid Foundation account, Quest4Change are registered and can accept your donation via the website or by CAF cheque.

    Donations of goods such as back-stock or branded items are sometimes welcomed, but please contact us first to discuss whether your intended donation would be suitable.

    Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-effective way of supporting us, allowing your employees to make regular donations directly from their gross earnings. As donations are taken from salaries before tax, this means Quest4Change could receive up to an extra 40% on each donation made.

  • Sponsorship

  • Providing direct sponsorship to one of our projects is a great way to get people engaged with your brand.  Much more than this, it also gives you and your employees a direct link and knowledge of the good their fundraising or donations are doing.  Please contact us for more information on the sort of projects you could sponsor and how this would work.

  • Corporate expeditions

  • The ultimate team-building challenge! Click here for more information about organising a volunteering expedition to one of our project locations.

    Previous teams have included groups from the Royal Bank of Scotland who raised nearly £20,000 in addition to sending staff to help build Pensulo Maternity Clinic, now serving the community.  In 2008, The Scott Wilson Group visited Tofo in Mozambique to help build a school, along the way raising over £45,000 for the project. 

  • Any other ideas?

  • Thank you for your interest in Quest4Change.  If you have any more ideas about ways in which we could work together, please contact Simon Tierney on simon@quest4change.org or call 01273 777206.

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