Experience Quest

Curriculum relevance

All of our projects provide your students with a hands-on understanding of a variety of themes, within A Level & International Baccalaureate subjects across examination boards including OCR, AQA and Edexcel. Examples where these projects provide particularly useful case-studies are highlighted below.

Quest4Change can work with your school to develop project-relevant resources for use in the classroom and out on expedition to ensure your students benefit as fully as possible academically from their expedition.


Kenya: Sustainable management of water resources; arid environments; sustainable solutions to drought; food security; local scale effects of climate change.

Malawi: Social challenges of the AIDS epidemic; the 'development gap', bottom-up approaches to development.

Manu, Peru: Population displacement & migration; food security; relationships between human activities, biodiversity & sustainability; conservation of ecologically important areas; management of fragile environments.

Villa Maria, Peru: Rural-urban migration; urbanisation; shanty towns; disparity of wealth; marginalised populations within large cities.


Uganda: Ecology of endemic flora & fauna; biodiversity; conservation of mountain eco-systems.

Manu, Peru: Conservation of endangered species & ecosystems; biodiversity; rainforest ecoystems.

Bolivia: Animal behaviour; conservation of species.


Villa Maria, Peru: Daily immersion in the language; Latin American culture & history; social inequality in Peru.

Manu, Peru: Daily immersion in the language; conservation of Amazon environments.

Physical & Outdoor Education

Malawi: Organisation of sports training & tournaments; trek planning & expedition.

Uganda: Mountain expedition planning & execution; eco-tourism in an alpine environment. 

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