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What is Quest4Change?

Quest4Change is an international and youth development charity working with local partner organisations to target poverty and environmental degradation. We link our long‐term commitment to sustainable development with groups of volunteers whose personal development and team ethos is enabled by their work on our projects and exploration of a different life. Our partnership with a select number of projects allows our different expedition teams to be part of some truly worthwhile work, supported year‐round through fundraising in the UK.

Who can join a Quest4Change expedition?

Anyone with a desire to do something different as a team, and get stuck in with some extremely worthwhile work overseas – whether you are a school, a business or simply a group of motivated people who want to make a difference.

If you are an individual looking to join a ready‐made team, please take a look at our sister organisation Quest Overseas.

What skills/experience do I need?

In most cases, it is just energy and enthusiasm which our projects need, the expertise is provided by our long‐term staff there. If there are any particular skills or experience that you or your group can contribute to a project however, we will be able to develop a programme which makes best use of your skills.

How can I take part?

Just get in touch with us on 01273 777206 or email us at info@quest4change to let us know what you hoping to achieve with your expedition, rough group size, length of trip, typical age of volunteers, ideas about location and/or project work, approximate budget per person, and any other information you think may be useful for us at this stage.

Where will we be staying?

Whilst at our projects, accommodation will be quite basic but secure, and you will always have the basic essentials of toilets, showers etc. Our extensive years of experience have allowed us to discover some real gems in the way of hotels, lodges and camps on travel phases, so you won’t be disappointed!

What do I need to bring?

Depends on where you are going. We will provide a full recommended kit list for the places you will be visiting shortly after your expedition is confirmed.

Will I need a visa?

In South America, as long as you have a British passport (or almost any EU passport) then there are no Visa requirements for any of the countries into which you go with Quest. When you enter a country, the stamp you receive from immigration allows you to stay in that country for up to 90 days. There are some countries in Africa where visas will be needed for your visit and we will help organise these for you.

Do I need any injections?

Afraid so! Quest4Change keeps up to date with the latest recommendations on all medical considerations relating to your time with us, which we pass on to you in good time before your departure overseas.

Do you arrange flights?

We are a charity, not flight agents. We do however work closely with flight specialists in the areas of the world you will be going to, so that together we can work out the best options available to you. This also means you have the flexibility to arrange a flight which suits any other plans you may have.

Where does the money go?

It is our core belief at Quest4Change that financial support, side by side with practical volunteering, is the critical factor in making a significant, true and long lasting impact on people and places.

So far over the past 15 years Quest participants have raised over £1.5 million in direct donations for our partners which has, amongst others, funded the purchase over 4,000 acres of rainforest, built 11 classrooms in Africa, sponsored over 60 children through secondary school in Malawi, saved thousands of animals from being imprisoned or sold as pets in Bolivia, built an education centre in Swaziland, a health clinic in Malawi, a medical dispensary, library and three‐floor accommodation block for poor students in Tanzania and so much more.

Will my project work actually help?

100% yes. Quest4Change pride ourselves in working with long‐term project partners – whether they are charities, NGOs or just small community groups that we have built up relationships with. All of our project sites are well‐run, year‐round projects.

Your energy and enthusiasm – whether it be building a classroom, entertaining a room full of Peruvian kids from a shanty town or constructing a dam to provide clean water for a village in Kenya. You will work alongside our local project partners to achieve your project goal together. All project aims are set out well in advance, so we (and you) know exactly what you will be doing. The project work is requested by our partners – we do not tell them what you will be doing, they ask us.

Won’t I be taking work away from local people?

No. We always employ local staff – in fact we fund several full‐time year round staff on our project sites. On your project you will also work alongside skilled builders, ecologists or social workers, experts in the work you are helping with. They get paid a full salary for their work and having a team there just helps get the work done faster with a lot more fun involved! All our partners love having Quest teams arrive – which you’ll see from the welcome you get when you arrive!

Remember along with your donation you are simply providing added man‐power to get the jobs done!

Is it safe to travel to these places?

We are not in the habit of visiting war zones, but when visiting developing countries it is important to keep up to date with local events. This is exactly why we are specialists just in certain parts of the world, so we can really keep on top of safety and security in the places you will be visiting. Foreign Office advice, crisis management plans and risk assesments are important aspects of any planning which takes place for projects and expeditions, but are far from the full story. Having the right staff, both in the UK and leading the expeditions, is absolutely crucial. Also, having strong personal relationships with key people on the ground cannot be underestimated. These “key” people aren’t necessarily just the embassador and chief of police (!); the local restaurant owner, the farmer with the only spare truck in the valley, the only doctor who speaks English in the whole of Bolivia, and dozens more help to make our trips as safe and supported as is realistically possible. We will not be working in an area which is unsafe or irresponsible, but at the same time we have the support network to be able to learn if things change, and can change our trips at a moment’s notice.

Any questions we haven’t answered here, please just give us a call on 01273 777206

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