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Fundraising may seem daunting, but here at Quest4Change, we firmly believe that all students can rise to the challenge, with our support.

The benefits of fundraising

Fundraising is an exciting and very worthwhile challenge to take on; it is something that we've found gives students a much greater understanding of the aims of their expedition and a commitment to meet them.  Universities & employers look closely at experiences like Quest, and fundraising for an expedition displays a number of desirable qualities & skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Events organisation
  • Persuasiveness, energy, and perseverence.

How we can help your team

We will work with your school to help you plan your fundraising; all students and teachers will be provided with a detailed fundraising pack and we can provide support for one or two key events if desired. As well as information and photos about your project, we can also provide you with support materials such as posters, sponsorship forms, t-shirts and flyers.

Many schools prefer to have a series of targets set along the way to the final payment. If fundraising is going well, reaching the target feels like a real achievement.  If a team is still a little way off as well, a missed target is an incentive to work that bit harder!

Avenues to explore

There are hundreds of different ways to raise money, allow your students to get creative and they will doubtless come up with some new ones.  Here are just a few avenues to explore...

  • Online Fundraising
    Quest4Change is partnered with My Donate, a free fundraising service run by BT. It takes minutes to set up a page, which can be used to sell fundraising event tickets as well as for collecting general sponsorship. A fundraising website also provides an easy way for members of the public to support you when you publicise your expedition.
  • Applying for grants
    There are a number of grants offered by charitable trusts to assist volunteering  expeditions. Most trusts have specific guidelines on who they will and will not support; often local charities are likely to be more accessible. Lions Clubs, Round Table & Rotary Clubs are also worth approaching.
  • Companies
    Local companies may well be interested in sponsoring you, partly for goodwill and partly for the publicity - so let them know exactly how they can help you, and in what respect you can help them. Many larger companies offer to 'match fund' donations made by their employees to charity.
  • Organising events
    These are largely down to your imagination and definitely worth giving some thought to, generally the more unique your idea the more successful it will be. Some common and successful ideas in the past have been are bake sales, themed discos and football tournaments or sweepstakes.
  • Sponsored challenges
    People do the weirdest things for good causes; some have even been known to swim in the sea off Scotland in November in order to raise money. The more obscure the idea, the less likely it is to have already been done, thus the more publicity it is going to get.

Raising money as a group

The great news is that there is strength in numbers: more people to run events; capacity to delegate roles; and more guests to invite to events!


'The Young Ones' from Omagh, Northern Ireland raised £15,500 for their 4 week expedition to Malawi, where they helped build an orphan care centre. Working well as a group and planning for regular events proved to be the main success points for this team.  Some of their best fundraisers included:

  • Buy a brick sponsor sheets  The aim of this was that people were not only sponsoring us to build the feeding centre but they also would be doing their part by donating a brick towards our build. We found this to be a great fundraiser and everyone seemed to give as much as £20 not just £1.
  • Pringles tins  They bought 45 Pringles tins and gave them out to friends & family. The aim was for them to eat the Pringles and then fill the tin with all their loose change. We got the Pringles on offer at £1 each and some already collected in made up to £50 profit. This is a good fundraiser as it does not require any work and they could focus on events knowing that there will still be money to come in from the tins.
  • Bag Packing  A small store in Omagh gave us 6 bag pack initial dates and will offer us more when we would like them. We have had a great response from the bag pack even though it is such a small store and have been walking away with £200 - £300 each time. We have 2 a month which is also a steady income.
  • Summer BBQ  We had a summer BBQ in our local rugby club and sold tickets at £10 for entry. This brought in a massive amount of money however a lot of work was put in by each team member as well as all our parents and friends. We made all desserts and salads ourselves and shops around our local area donated prizes for a raffle. We also had a slushy machine which was donated to us by one of the members’ dads and the venue was donated for free.
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