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Global Citizenship

At Quest4Change we are passionate about building links between different cultures and encouraging global citizenship, in the UK and in our project areas.

Pre-departure training 

Working with our volunteers, these not only cover topics of practical interest to our teams, such as campcraft and travel health, but also incorporate a number of aspects of global awareness, using interactive workshop games and discussions.

  • Cultural awareness and local expectations
  • Challenging perceptions
  • Responsible travel
  • Fair Trade Volunteering and making a positive impact
  • Becoming part of sustainable change

Post-return debrief for volunteer teams

  • Revisiting pre-travel expectations and perceptions - using these to reconsider other ideas.
  • Getting involved with supporting the project they have worked on, either through fundraising or awareness-raising in their community or school.
  • Action-planning to develop a concrete set of steps for change.

Project relationships

The close relationships we have with our project partners ensures that volunteers have a unique insight into daily life in the communities in which they are working, and that the young people we work with in-country also have this insight into youth in the UK.  Through this, we aim to challenge perceptions from both sides.

  • They will have the chance to truly integrate themselves into their project; local staff have lived and worked in these communities for many years and will introduce and immerse your students into local cultures and customs. This close relationship means volunteers form long‐lasting friendships with local staff and members of the local community, whilst also widening their appreciation and understanding of different cultures and ethnicities.
  • Our long‐term commitment to grassroots projects ensures that the work your students do will be beneficial and needed, whilst always providing an inspirational experience for your school. This balance is essential and can only be achieved through a long-term partnership. 
  • We commit to a project for at least 5 years. This ensures ongoing volunteer and financial support and that the work being done is truly sustainable. As such not only is the project a life-changing experience for your students, but is a genuinely life-changing experience for the communities in which we work.

In the UK

  • Workshops held in schools, at universities, or elsewhere, to expand young people's knowledge of global issues and challenge perceptions around development and conservation issues.  We base these around the issues facing our project locations and/or the work done there. 
  • We are an active member of the Fair Trade Volunteering movement, a set of standards for volunteering placements, making sure the work done is genuinely worthwhile and beneficial.  This is a campaigning movement and encourages young people to look closely into the ethics of volunteering and travel they do.
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