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School expedition structure

Although we can work with your school’s requirements and preferences, the following is an example of how we can support you from start to finish.

Planning stage:

We generally come and visit your school twice during this stage, once to discuss potential options with key staff members, and following that a more specific presentation to students and parents.

  • Expeditions can be focused around a volunteer project, a challenging and adventurous activity such as a trek or a combination of both. You may or may not already have ideas about what you wish to achieve on your expedition, either way, we will work closely with you during this stage to produce an itinerary most suited to your school. 
  • Further detail about our project locations can be found in the left hand menu along with example itineraries from past expeditions.
  • This is normally 12-15 months before the expedition takes place, but if your teachers and pupils are up to the challenge, we can get things up and ready with just a few months to go!

Training stage:

Once the expedition is confirmed, we start to work together to prepare for departure. This stage is vital to ensure all the team are fully prepared for their adventure. The training sessions are an invaluable part of the Quest4Change experience, meaning the expedition will subsequently be more rewarding and fulfilling for all concerned.

  • We provide support for fundraising, giving guidance and resources to teachers and pupils as well as helping to organise one or two key events.
  • All team members will receive a Quest4Change Aide-Memoire, an information pack including a background to the project, kit lists, fundraising resources, medical advice, information on responsible volunteering and further reading to help them research their destination.
  • We will hold a training session at your school, covering cultural awareness and local expectations, as well as more practical issues such as kit, flights, insurance and injections.
  • Depending on the nature of your expedition, we can also provide a UK wilderness training weekend, focusing on fitness, teamwork and practical wilderness expedition skills.

The expedition!

Teams overseas will be accompanied by one or two experienced Quest4Change leaders, depending on the remoteness and length of expedition, who work alongside your teachers.

  • 24 hour UK support is on call throughout your team’s time away, and our in depth knowledge of the countries we visit and long term commitment to our projects also ensures a strong network of local support at all times.
  • Our leaders will not only ensure the safe and smooth running of the expedition, but will also run workshops to enhance the team’s cultural awareness and understanding of the project work, as well as developing their teamwork and leadership skills, promoting personal development.

Coming home:

  • Your students are sure to come back with some great memories and fantastic photos, but we will also work with them through debriefing sessions on their return to help them reflect on the skills and experiences gained, and understand how they can apply them in their future life. This is an invaluable exercise, particularly helpful when it comes to completing university and job applications.
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