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Kenya Water Relief Project

Quest4Change works with our partners Excellent to improve health, incomes and education in rural communities in Kenya, working towards UN Millennium Development Goal 7, sustainable access to safe drinking water.  We do this through sand dam building, education and farming initiatives.

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What is the problem?

More than 3,500,000 people die every year from water related diseases (World Health Organisation) and over 40% of people in Sub Saharan Africa have no access to clean water.  The Eastern Province of Kenya is semi-arid and suffers from poor soil fertility and limited rainfall, making it prone to food shortages and drought.

How Quest4Change Helps

Since 2004, we have been working with our project partner Excellent and the local Kamba community groups to construct small scale dams, which provide thousands of people with clean drinking water. This transforms the local environment by improving water supply, food production, health and income.

What is a sand dam?  A sand dam is a reinforced concrete wall built in a seasonal sandy river, when the rains fall, the river formed brings with it sandy deposits which build up behind the dam.  This sand then stores around 2% of the river's flow, protecting it from evaporation and contamination, but allowing the river to continue on its natural course.

The Impact

Together, we are not only improving lives in the present day, but providing communities with the means to protect themselves against future droughts. Over the years, we've been able to reach around 50,000 people. Read more about our impact and past achievements.

  • £7 provides one person with clean drinking water for life
  • £10 will plant 3 tree saplings, improving water capture and a healthy enrivonment 
  • £7,000 builds an entire sand dam, providing year round clean water for up to 1,500 people. 

Latest News:

In the UK... Excellent Development and its Kenyan partner African Sand Dam Foundation have received the 2012 Nestle Creating Shared Value prize, which will give a further boost to spreading the technology across water stressed areas in Sub Saharan Africa.  This prize is worth nearly £37,000 - enough money to build a further five dams!

Excellent were also one of the Daily Telegraph's Christmas Appeal charities in 2011, another boost and a great way to spread the word about sand dam technology.

In the field... The 2012 Summer volunteer team worked extremely hard on 3 dams over five weeks, mixing 1443 bags of cement, potentially reaching more than 4,000 people.

Three years of severe drought resulted in the water situation reaching a critical level in this area. The dams the team are building proves how important Quest4Change's support with volunteers and funds have never been more urgent. 

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