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Malawi Orphans & Community Project

Quest4Change works with Joshua Orphan & Community Care to help HIV/AIDS Orphans, vulnerable children and their families in rural Malawi. We support communities to take care of these children and work on grassroots development initiatives, working towards UN Millennium Development Goal 2, achieving universal primary education, and Goal 4, reducing child mortality.

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What is the problem?

Each community we work in suffers from the debilitating effects of significant poverty coupled with rising HIV/AIDS rates, poor road networks, lack of clean, piped water and electricity, and very few health and education facilities.  There are estimated to be more than half a million children orphaned by AIDS in Malawi (AVERT) and one village community may support up to 100 children.

How Quest4Change helps

Working with Joshua Orphan & Community Care. Quest4Change helps provide a safe and secure living environment for orphans, vulnerable children and their families in the Pensulo district of Malawi. By providing volunteer and financial support to self-help community groups, we are able to help communities construct orphan care centres, school buildings, and to develop small projects to improve the livelihoods of the rural communities.


We are enabling communities to be able to support the vulnerable children with food and shelter. Over the years, we have helped build several school classrooms, feeding centres and the biggest build to date, Pensulo Maternity, HIV and Health Centre, now a much-used and vital health resource.  Read more about our impact and past achievements.

  • £5 buys a mosquito net for the clinic.
  • £40 buys a cooking pot for the feeding centre that will feed 80 children
  • £75 supports a child through secondary school for a year, paying for uniform, books and fees

Latest news

In the UK... Kevin Love ran the 2011 Brighton Marathon for Joshua Orphan & Community Care in an amazing time of 3 hours and two minutes, with a fantastic fundraisng total of over £800, which will support two children through 5 years worth of secondary education - Well done!

In the field...Two volunteer teams in the summer of 2012 constructed a feeding centre in Tiyamike village from start to finish, and improved the security and environment around a second centre in Chimwemwe township.

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