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Manu Amazon Conservation Project

Working with the CREES Foundation, Quest4Change aims to reduce the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon by alleviating poverty in local communities by bringing economic, social and environmental harmony to the Manu region, working towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 7: ensuring environmental stability.

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What's the problem?

A large amount of land in the Manu region has been logged and cleared for pasture or farming. This quickly depletes the nutrients in the soil resulting in the land being abandoned and farmers and loggers moving onto new virgin forest areas. As a result the land is abandoned and left unused, whist more pristine rainforest goes on to be destroyed.

How Quest4Change helps

By working with CREES we aim to rehabilitate this land for local communities by creating poly-cultures. Firstly a garden containing many crops is planted, locals can sell this produce to visiting tourists as well as feeding their own families. After a few years trees are then planted with the vegetables. This system of using multiple crops in the same space imitates the biodiversity of natural ecosystems and makes crops more resistant to disease, thus increasing the annual yield and it provides habitats for more local species.


By actively involving local communities in sustainably managing natural resources, Quest4Change and CREES will not only improve the local environment and help to reduce deforestation, but also provide these communities with new sources of income, through bio-garden cropping and eco-tourism.

  • £50 can save an acre of pristine rainforest, helping protect the balance of life in the Amazon .

Latest news

From the UK... CREES' work on community gardens is being supported by the Innocent Foundation, supporting projects in countries where Innocent drinks source their fruits.

From the field... Quest's first team of volunteers headed out to Manu in 2012, completing several bio-gardens and agro-forestry plots, as well as assisting with ongoing species surveys.

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