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Quest4Change Approach

Our Vision is a world where communities live without poverty in a clean and protected natural environment.  See how we're working towards this.

We work with local partner organisations on small-scale grassroots projects that target the specific causes of poverty and environmental degradation in particular communities. We achieve this by providing fundraising and volunteer support to our projects.

  • Partnership: Everything we do is driven by a commitment to work with our host communities and project partners, and never to dictate to them. We concentrate on inclusive management and local involvement; providing training and support for local partners and seeking viable alternative livelihood schemes.
  • Sustainability: All of our projects are designed to run on the basis of sustainable development to achieve long-lasting change that is supported by, but not solely reliant on Quest4Change.
  • Honesty: We hold our staff, volunteers and project partners to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and always strive for absolute accountability and maintain transparency in all matters.
  • Realistic Ambition: We endeavour to achieve the maximum benefit for the communities with whom we work. We do this by concentrating on projects with realistic development aims, taking into account the level and type of support we are able to provide.

We link our long-term commitment to sustainable development with groups of volunteers whose personal development and team ethos is enabled by their work on our projects and exploration of a different life.  Our partnership with a select number of projects allows our expedition teams to be part of some truly worthwhile work, supported year-round through fundraising in the UK.

This year-round support is an essential part of our commitment to sustainable development; helping communities make lasting changes for the future.

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