Experience Quest


We are proud of what we have achieved since our first projects in 1996, and it's on these pages here where you'll find details about our successes over the years.

With 8 current projects in 7 different countries across South America and Africa, Quest4Change and its partner organisations are directly and indirectly impacting on peoples, endangered animals and natural habitats of many communities.

Since 1996, Quest4Change and its partner volunteering organisation Quest Overseas have sent more than 2,000 volunteers to various projects across 12 countries, giving direct donations to host communities of over £1.5 million.

But are we having a positive impact, in all places and at all times? Are we reaching the people and places we said we would? Are they the people and places that can most benefit form our volunteer programmes, and the work of our project partners?

We are quietly confident that we are on the right track with what we do, but on the following pages you'll find details about how we are measuring impact, and how we will continue to monitor and report this.

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