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Project Partners

Quest4Change operate in partnership with local organisations. For Quest4Change, this means setting up partnerships specific to the situation of the projects, striving for the maximum benefit through whichever structure is most appropriate.

With our South American projects, the vast majority do not have UK-based charities, which makes Quest4Change vital for processing volunteer donations, and for requesting funds from UK-based Trusts & Foundations.

The majority of our African project partners are also registered as UK charities as well. Whilst it is still Quest who manage the Africa volunteers, their donations largely are paid direct to the project partners, without Quest4Change’s involvement. We continue to support these projects through fundraising beyond this, largely with organised events and sponsored challenges.

Current Project Partners

Asociacion Civil Quest Overseas Peru

We have been working with our partners at the Peru Children & Community Project since 1997. They are our longest-running project partners to date. Asociación Civil Quest Overseas Perú aims to improve the lives of children affected by poverty, crime and drug abuse living in the shanty town of Villa Maria del Triunfo.



CIWY logo

Our partners at the Bolivian Animal Sanctuary Project. CIWY were founded in 1992, and were pioneers of the environmental movement in Bolivia. We have been working with CIWY since 2003 to improve the infrastructure in their three parks and help with their day-to-day operations.



Excellent logo

Excellent were established as a charity in 2002, following on from the Utooni Development Project - focusing on sand dams, land terracing & tree planting. Quest has been working with the Kenya Water Relief Project since 2005.



Joshua Orphan and Community Care logo

Set up in 1998 in Pensulo near Blantyre, Joshua Orphan & Community Care have expanded their remit from providing for vulnerable children, to moving into health, education and income generation projects. Quest has worked with the Malawi Orphan & Community Project since 2007.


Crees logo

The crees foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working to bring economic, social & environmental harmony to the Manu region of the Peruvian Amazon. We have worked with crees since 2010.


Ubaka U Rwanda logo

Ubaka U Rwanda is a charity registered in both Rwanda and the UK. They are dedicated to turning around the lives of Rwandan children who are living on the streets. They run a youth centre that provides shelter, education and guidance. We have been working with the Rwanda Children of Hope Project since 2011.

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