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Partnerships with overseas youth groups

Integral to many of our projects is the development of partnerships between Quest volunteers and local youth groups overseas. This helps to provide a much more complete experience for the Quest volunteer, but also helps to ensure that the work started out by our teams can be continued by young people in country.

Below is an example of one such partnership, an update from our project manager in Malawi:


The month of November and December has been months of planning and setting up other youth groups that there not there namely: Baluti, Kachumbe and Pensulo youth groups.

The youth groups have done a number of activities since the establishment and the activities are as follows:

  • They participated in the bridge opening ceremony of Mwandika and the ceremony was graced by their presence.
  • The youth group of Kachumbe organised an open day and launch of their group in Kachumbe where they tackled issues of the environment, HIV/AIDS, Health, and also of Home Based Care. Chiefs, parents and other youth groups also attended the function. The activities performed were, dramas, songs, dances, poems, talks and acrobatics.
  • On the 12/12/12, all the three groups came together to address issues of environment protection. On this day, the youth groups planted 150 trees in Kachumbe and Nancholi School. The Group village head, an Agricultural and environment field, agent the head teacher of Nancholi School and the learners attended the event and planted their trees.
  • The youth group also have been involved in sporting activities. Since their establishment, they have played three footballs and netball matches.

The photos below accompany some of the events:

Members of Kachumbe youth group at the bridge opening function performing a drama containing a message of the importance of the bridge and taking care of it.



Traditional dancers at the bridge opening ceremony dancing with the youths.





At the launch and open day for Kachumbe youth group, members of Baluti youth group performing a dance.




The audience at the Launch and open day of Kachumbe youth group: the young and the elderly present being entertained.





Tree planting...






After the tree planting everyone gathered in a class room where there was an environment talk from the environment officer and the head teacher.

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