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Past Work in South America


Rio project brief

This project has helped uplift the lives of orphaned and abandoned boys with special needs at Casa Lar in Rio. 

Through the Mangueira Social Project, Quest has worked with Casa Lar since 2006. Raising over £60,000, essential medicine, food and transport were provided, while Quest volunteers provided thousands of hours of much needed care and support for disabled boys helping them develop social skills and encouraging them to participate in the economic, cultural and social life of their community. These efforts have also contributed towards reducing prejudices among the Rio community about people with disabilities. Read more about our impact and past achievements


This project supported community-driven sustainable development, conservation and education work.

Quest first supported the Santa Lucia project with donations and volunteer teams in 2001. Through partner Rainforest Concern this support continued until 2005. Since our partnership was carried out, the community run eco-lodge at Santa Lucia has won international recognition and awards.  After careful consideration with the local community and Rainforest Concern, it was decided that after four years and nearly £100,000 worth of investment that the formal project would cease. Read more about our impact and past achievements.


Our work on this project supported community-driven sustainable development through alternative income generating schemes with special reference to eco-tourism.

Quest worked in Maquipucuna, Ecuador from 1999 to 2001, the first project with long-term partner Rainforest Concern. The Quest project ended in 2001, however the Maquipucuna Foundation continues to be dedicated to the conservation of Ecuador's biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. Read more about our impact and past achievements.


This project in Utila, Honduras puts scientific outputs into educational resources for local people and combines this with practical conservation work.

Quest were been keen to support this marine paradise and the local community through educational work and subsidising local students. Our funding helped to support local research students from the national university complete their theses projects and a portion of the funds went into helping to buy a computer to be used for inputting data and designing educational materials which they then distribute.


Quest's work here involved working with the community to protect the endangered rainforest and residents of Yachana.

Quest4Change worked with Rainforest Concern and FUNEDESIN (Foundation for Integrated Education and Development) since 2001 to raise environmental awareness and conserve the Ecuadorian Amazon by promoting the sustainable use of resources and providing viable economic alternatives to logging, cattle ranching and the production of illicit crops. The project supports groups through a variety of conservation, micro enterprise, agricultural assistance, healthcare and community development and education programs. Read more about our impact and past achievements.


This project sought to protect the endangered forests and wildlife of the Chilean Lake District.

Working with Rainforest Concern and Parques Para Chile, the main aim was to establish partnerships to promote the creation of wildlife corridors to connect areas of temperate rainforest in the Chilean Lake District.  Through scientific research and volunteer support,  biodiversity information was used to provide a management plan framework of local and international priorities.


This project helped to protect the devastated Atlantic Coastal Rainforest by working with community grassroots associations in Cairu.

Over a two year period, Quest worked with Fauna & Flora International and local NGO Amainan Brasil. Some achievements include the planting of over 2000 trees, construction of a floating conservation research centre, funding a space for community carpentry, and creating an income generation scheme for replanting and tree adoption.

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