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Quest4Change aims to improve the lives of children affected by poverty, crime and drug abuse through the provision of community recreational activities, educational opportunities and by supporting vulnerable families with housing.

villa maria del triunfo

What's the problem?

Poverty, crime and drugs. The children of Villa Maria del Triunfo live below the poverty line in shacks often with no running water, sanitation or electricity. Their parents work long hours and they are often left alone to wander the streets, frequently ending up in trouble with the law.

Space in the valley has been becoming increasingly limited and families have been forced to cut precarious platforms into the hillsides to erect their homes. These oppressive conditions often lead to the break‐up of families, leaving single parents to struggle to work and care for their children. 

How Quest4Change helps

Quest4Change is proud to have been working in Villa Maria since 1997 when we began running a programme of summer activities for children in the district. Due to the success of this programme, our involvement in the community has developed and we now organise year round workshops in sports, crafts and performing arts.

In 2003, we opened the doors of the Quest nursery and primary school, increasing the schooling provision in the area.  Although the school is fee-paying, the majority of children have their fees either fully or partially sponsored. As part of our education strand, we have also set up home-work clubs and advocate bond-building within communities to improve the support given to school activities.

Since 2008, we have been working on the 'Mi Nueva Casa' initiative set up in the memory of volunteer Katie Ashbridge.  'My New Home' construction is basic; single storey wooden constructions which can be put together in a matter of days - providing the warmth and safety that families have previously been missing.


Our education, community, and housing strands all combine to make Villa Maria a safer, more interesting place - and to give a better start in life to the children living there. Take a look out our project specific impact reports for more information and detail about the work we've carried out. You can also find out more about past impacts and achievements here.

  • £30 enables 100 disadvantaged children to go swimming
  • £250 sponsors a child to attend the Quest School for a year - covering their fees, uniform and books
  • £620 builds a solid, warm and secure home for a vulnerable family

Latest news

In the UK... We would like to say a huge thank you to the Evan Cornish Foundation for awarding us a grant to build 7 new houses in the run up to Christmas 2014! Find out more on our blog.

In the field... Check out how the Quest School has been progressing over the last year in their 2014 Annual Report.

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