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Royal Bank of Scotland - Pensulo Clinic Project, Malawi

We were approached by the RBS in August 2007 to help them source a project based in Africa that would benefit local communities in a sustainable and long-term way.

The RBS group also wanted to offer their staff the opportunity to work on this long term project, so they could learn more about the problems faced by rural African communities and work as a team alongside the local people towards a common goal.

Working with Quest and our charity partners in Malawi, Joshua Orphan & Community Care, the RBS Specialist Operations and Group Brands (SOGB) sent 45 volunteers to rural Malawi for four weeks to build a health clinic. 

Throughout SOGB, employees raised over £60,000 to enable the teams to go to Malawi and to fund the cost of building the health clinic. The clinic serves over 14,000 members of the local community, who previously had very limited access to health care facilities. The clinic provides a base for health workers and doctors from the District Health Office to run Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Ante-Natal and Children's Clinics

The volunteers were split into two groups of 23 and 22, each spending two weeks in Malawi building the clinic. The work was physical and demanding, but the outcome was a huge success, for both the Malawian communities and RBS employees alike. We hope this will be the start of a long parternship between Quest and the RBS.

Volunteer: "We have made fantastic progress. It is so motivating when you see the results of a hard day's work."

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