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Rwanda Children of Hope Project

Quest4Change works with project partner Ubaka U Rwanda to turn around the lives of Rwandan children who are living on the streets and helping them help them to build a brighter future. Through this we are striving to fulfill a number of UN Millennium Development Goals, addressing hunger, education, child mortality and access to sanitation.

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What is the problem?

In 1994 an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered in the space of a hundred days. What befell the country is virtually impossible to comprehend, and though the weapons have been laid down and victims laid to rest, the impact of the Genocide is sadly still evident.

Rwanda lost approximately a tenth of its population in the Genocide, resulting in many children being orphaned. A large number of children were also been born in prison or abandoned as unwanted offspring of a rape: they were left to fend for themselves and had no one. The lingering effects of this can be seen in subsequent generations of children living on the streets. In 2003, an ex-street child named Evode Usabyamahoro started an initiative to help boys living on the street. Through local donations he was able to rent a small house in Kigali, where 30 boys now live, Ubaka U Rwanda.

How Quest4Change helps

The newest addition to the projects Quest4Change supports, we are working with Ubaka U Rwanda to provide a home for children who have been orphaned or abandoned in Kigali. Together we are striving to help them build up a brighter future away from the street. We work with Ubaka to help the 30 boys who live at the home, as well as helping them to provide education and medical care for about 20 more youths whose parents are unable to support them.

Crowded living conditions and inadequate toilet facilities are better than no home at all, but the boys deserve much more, and providing this is our focus for Ubaka at the moment. In particular, we are raising the funds to build of an adequately sized new home, as well as land to be farmed in order to produce food and income for the home, ultimately making it self-sustaining.


  • £10 pays for a week's worth of nutritious food for 35 boys
  • £19 buys a new mattress, and a good night's sleep for one of the boys
  • £80 pays for 10 bags of cement to help build the new home

Latest news

In the UK... We're supporting Ubaka this December through the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Donate online via our Big Give page from 10am on Thursday 4th December and your donation could be doubled!

In the field... Ubaka are busy finalising architectural plans for their new youth centre. We're hoping to be able to start construction work in 2015.

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