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Quest4Change will be sponsoring one Quest Overseas volunteer to travel in 2013, with a grant of up to £1,000 towards the cost of volunteering in the summer.


In the years since Quest began in 1996, we've managed to raise over £1.5 million for our projects - something we are all immensely proud of. Alongside financial support, we aim to provide the best help we can to our projects through volunteers, a cultural exchange of benefit to all involved. 

Our dedication to youth development through volunteering has led us this year to set up this bursary, which we hope will inspire more volunteers to become involved with our projects, as well as offering the individual winner of the award a real opportunity for self development and personal discovery.

How does it work?

This opportunity was offered to all applicants to the Quest Overseas summer projects in 2013, alongside the existing application process, who were invited to write 500 words on why they should be considered for the bursary, above and beyond the enthusiasm and dedication to the project we expect from all of our volunteers. 

From an amazing response, 5 applicants were short-listed, who were then all contacted for a second short interview with the Quest4Change panel. After deliberation, the bursary was awarded to Shiron Rajendran.

Shiron managed to demonstrate a real passion and love for his chosen project, Villa Maria Children's Project in Peru, and given a great deal of thought to the impact of such an experience, not only for himself, but for the communities he would be working with. We also wanted to find people who would go on having a positive impact long after the summer, by spreading the word about their experience, and also by broadening their own involvement in community development at home.  Shiron will be writing a blog whilst out in Peru, as well as continuing to spread the word about Villa Maria once he's back in the UK.

For information about applying for the Quest4Change sponsored volunteering place, email info@quest4change.org.

Supporting our bursary programme

As a small charity, Quest4Change is currently able to sponsor one volunteer, but we would love to include more young people whose financial circumstances would otherwise make travel overseas difficult.

If you would like to help us extend our opportunities for young people through providing bursaries, please contact us at emily@quest4change.org or call 01273 777206.

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