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Uganda Mountain Conservation Project

Quest4Change will be working with new project partner Rwenzori Trekking Service to conserve the fragile wilderness of World Heritage Site, the Rwenzori Mountains. We are working towards Millennium Development Goal 7, reducing biodiversity loss and protecting habitats.

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What is the problem?

The Rwenzori mountain range is home to a rich and unusual flora and fauna, many found nowhere else in the world, such as giant heathers and groundsel. This unique mountain range is some eighty miles long, thirty miles wide and covers nearly 100,000 hectares, and is at risk from erosion and degradation. A true hidden treasure seldom visited and with still so much unknown, the mountains need to be maintained and protected.

How Quest4Change helps

By undertaking construction of board walks, paths and lodges, Quest4Change can help support the development of a protected ecological site, helping preserve thousands of acres of mountain from further destruction.

Working with those who rely most on the range's survival, the local communities, we will offer much needed support to build and maintain eco-educational facilities and help foster a cooperative atmosphere for environmental protection.


By developing eco-lodges that can provide local employment, Quest4Change will promote not only the protection of the Rwenzori, but provide clear benefits to the local communities, working in harmony to conserve the precious mountains.

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