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Why Quest4Change?

  • Community Benefit to Benefit Business. Our projects are chosen because of the immense amount of benefit they bring to the communities we work with, however working together to complete a worthwhile project brings huge benefit to your team as well. For instance, the construction of a school building to improve the lives of children provides the participants with valuable practical team building experience, develops leadership skills and the opportunity for personal development outside of the workplace.
  • We believe that a real difference can only be made through long-term investment. As such we have been involved in our projects for many years. The hands on approach that we encourage on our trips will enable the participants to “give back” in a more immediate and personal way by putting a human face behind donations and showing a genuine interest in helping others.
  • Your work will be part of a long term, genuinely worthwhile project. The long term relationships we have with local project partners meansthe work you do is genuinely beneficial, needed and sustainable. As such the work you do and funds you provide enable your business to have an  enduring positive impact and lasting association with the project.
  • Quest works around the premise of positive impact and are always in touch with ethical considerations. We are affiliated to Rainforest Concern, Fairtrade Volunteering, Excellent Development to name but a few. We actively promote Ethical Volunteering and have achieved the rigorous overseas expedition specific British Standard 8848.
  • We will work with you to ensure that the trip fulfils your expectations and interests. We have existing itineraries in place that have been developed over many years and have proved extremely popular. At the same time however, with our extensive knowledge and experience of the country being visited, we are also in the position to be able to organize tailor made expeditions to fit around the project work. 
  • We believe the process of preparation and debriefing is a vital part of your expedition. We work with you and your team before departure and and after returning to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their experience, to put experiences and skills gained into a wider business context. Our pre departure preparation is tailored to your specific expedition and equips the team with all the practical skills and cultural considerations needed, additionally our leaders overseas are experts in their field and know the areas that you will be visiting inside out.   Please contact the office if you would like further information on the level of support we can provide, or take a look at the How a Quest Corporate Expedition Works section of this website.
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